The Mountain

At some point, you have to stop asking the mountain to move. You have to stop staring and asking “why me?” Sitting at the base thinking of all the reasons you don’t want to climb.

How hard it is… How you might slip, fall… It’s dangerous…. You don’t know what you’re doing… What if you don’t make it?!

At some point, you have to recognize… it’s not going anywhere. This mountain was meant for you. It’s the test to get to the other side. And yes, the climb will be scary; dangerous. Yes, you might slip or take the wrong turn once in a while… But this mountain is preparation for what’s on the other side.

We want so much to be better, to have more, elevate… But we forget the cost. The price tag associated with blessings: hard work, obedience, sacrifice… We want the trophies without the months of conditioning: mental stamina, muscle strengthening, endurance exercise. So we deny our own blessings because we don’t want to pay what’s due. We don’t want the pain- don’t really want to change. We just lie and say we do.

I’ve decided, I’m not going to sit here anymore. I’ve had a month to cry, be a vegetable, eat everything but the kitchen sink- all while staring at the mountain before me.

And yes, I will slip- I’m human! I may take a wrong turn- I’m not perfect! I may need to take a rest- I’m still growing. But I can and will pass this test! I believe that the promises of God are just on the other side. Submission is not optional. All that I feel and everything I must work through will build my endurance, mental stamina, and spiritual muscles. This is not a ride but a climb.

Who I am becoming is a part of the excitement. What I leave behind is the sacrifice. But even when it hurts, I’ll hold on to His promises… and remember, just as there is a top to every mountain… Its your mountain and at the end, place your flag. ❀️

4 thoughts on “The Mountain

  1. Excellent, I have subscribed to bear witness and be the “hill” friend πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•πŸ’«

  2. Powerful! Especially when you stated the realization that this mountain may not move…so what are we going to do? Continue to stare or climb. Proud of you and thanks for this.

  3. Inspirational, so many truths here. We often want the success without the hard work and sacrifice but they go hand in hand. The climb will be tough but worth it, what a great reminder.

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