The Old You & The You To Be

It’s February and many of our resolutions are already forgotten or if we are honest… we’ve already given up. It’s so easy to fall back into old habits and old thought patterns…. About ourselves, others, and what life will be. But every year, we have an opportunity to make a change, experience something new, and become a better person. But it takes work! It takes bravery and it takes a true desire for something different.

We all have labels that define us… labels to describe memories, behaviors, our personality… even alter egos lol. What we don’t realize is that these labels combine to become the statement of who we are… who we were… and who we will be. If we were honest, many are negative, crippling, old, someone else’s perspective, and downright poisonous. Many of us are carrying the weights of labels from experiences we had long ago that we haven’t gotten over. Failures, mistakes, heartbreak…. We often live there and wonder why we aren’t free. Why our current life isn’t how we dreamed.

But it could be! We have the gift of an amazing God who is always ready and willing to help us become who we were meant to be. It just takes faith the size of a mustard seed and the courage of a lion! What if a butterfly never left it’s cocoon? What would happen if a baby bird never had the courage to fly? What would they become? We have the same choice! Do you want to fly or do you want to be bound to the ground forever because of your fear of falling? Who you were is your PAST and who you are becoming is now your journey!

I challenge you to take off the old labels! To be courageous enough to do something different. Whether it’s forgiving someone who may not deserve it, changing bad habits, or even telling yourself…. “I’m beautiful. I am worthy. I am loved”. I promise these little things, these little steps will turn into a bigger picture of a better YOU! We owe it to ourselves to live, give, and love life to its max and that starts with doing the MOST for yourself.

I’m ready to fly… Are you?

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