This Spring & You


So…… we are still having snow and 35 degree weather in Maryland…. It’s APRIL. I’m sure many of you are just as frustrated as I am about still having to wear gloves and warm the car up. We all are in dire anticipation for the real spring to come. More than 2 days of decent weather please!?!?? 65-70 degree days are just a tease and all we want is to move on to the next season!

Thinking about this crazy weather made me examine my evolution. I stopped to realize that this is often what our lives look like. When we are finally ready to make a change and are consistent with our decision, we want to see the progress. But our process isn’t a straight line. It’s more like this spring season. It will be riddled with moments of failures, joy, and even moments where nothing seems to be happening. But all these things are just on the surface.

Despite what we see, there is movement. Each flower, plant, and tree are growing. Roots are extending and growing stronger. Stems are pushing through the ground. And flowers are preparing to bloom. The encouraging thing is, the same is happening for you and me! There are changes in your habits, your demeanor, and your thought process that you don’t even realize. More positive thoughts, better commitments, your drive to keep going are all indicators of a change. But sometimes we are too busy looking for the “big” changes or flawless attempts that we miss the fact that progress is taking place.

One day, the weather is just going to change. It’s going to stabilize, our allergies will start, and we’ll get to embrace the warm air and sunshine. And we probably won’t notice that the season we were looking for is really here until we are days or weeks into it. Take heart! You will look up one day and see the progress of your process. The smiles, the joy, the peace, the change, and the future you’ve been fighting for.


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