Out With the Old

This past week I decided to do some “spring cleaning”. It wasn’t so much about disinfecting, opening windows, or dusting; it was more about going through my tubs of clothes. It’s crazy to have so many clothes and feel like you have nothing! But that’s exactly how I felt.

I looked through the clothing with tags still on them, my favorites I was saving from when I was a size 10, nalia, and items from old boyfriends. I realized the value these things once held is not the same anymore. The Jerseys, the t-shirts, and jean styles that were no longer relevant and no longer fit my personality if I was honest. They were just items taking up space; reminders of my yesterday. So I started going through them and figuring out what I really wanted to keep. Not based on a memory but based on the 2018 me. As room in my closet, dresser, and tubs was created I realized how light I began to feel. My disposition began to change. I began to get excited but couldn’t figure out why…. It’s just clothing right??!?

Wrong! I realized that by holding on to the past, it didn’t really leave any room for the future. For possibilities, for dreams, and the freedom to grow. It was more than the physical items I was touching, I was doing spring cleaning in my mind and heart. I don’t think we realize sometimes that the familiarity of our environment can be death to our evolution. We cling so hard to what we know because of fear that we doom ourselves to the cages we so desperately want to be free from. Wishing and praying not realizing the doors to our cages are wide open… We just have to have the courage to fly.

“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.”- Bill Clinton

So as I rounded up the clothes, shoes, and other items I no longer needed, I smiled. There was finally room and freedom to explore and become. Room for the colored clothes I finally bought, for the daring shoes, the red lipstick, the emerging me. As I threw out the old me that hid from the world, it created room for the real me- one who is courageous, full of life,  and free.

And so my friends, as you start your weekend, go through your rooms. What are you still holding on to that is no longer a reflection of you? Be courageous enough to let go of the things that may be weighing you down. And look forward in anticipation to what could lie ahead.

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