To My Ladies in Waiting

Ladies I just wanted to encourage you… As we wait, it’s not just for husbands. It’s to do things as vessels of Christ. To show that we are not a part of the world but the light to the world. This will require us to testify- even if the fruit (marriage) hasn’t manifested yet.

It’s hard sometime but be encouraged! The Word says we are a city of a hill that can not be hidden. That also means sometimes you’ll be targeted. People won’t understand why you won’t have sex.. They don’t understand why you won’t “just date” or “hit him up if you like him”. They will do everything to discredit your process. But God will use YOU with those same people to show His greatness and His power. In order to be a testimony, someone has to witness the test and there must be an opposing side.

So don’t cover up your light. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to bear your cross before all men. Share God’s goodness and your reason for choosing purity. One day we will reap the harvest that we have sown. And seeds will be planted in those who watched us get there! ❤️

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