Color Me Pretty

Hey guys! My name is Crystal and I now wear color. I know, I know you’re like….. “What?!?” Lol, your girl is moving in from the black, greys, and dark blues. I even bought a yellow shirt. Man, I still can’t believe that one.

In August, I had come to realize that my attire was a direct reflection of how I saw myself… How I really felt. Needless to say, it wasn’t very good or healthy.

I realized that I was trying to hide myself. I felt un-pretty. I lacked perception of my value. I lacked unconditional love for myself. And so, unintentionally, I was trying to be unseen. I was trying to be the shadows.

God has been calling me to live! I find myself wanting to establish friendships, to interact, and to be seen. As I learn to love me, I find the freedom to explore who I really am, and the grace to make mistakes. And next came the intense desire to revamp my wardrobe.

I began to desire the softness if pink and the confidence of red… The coolness of baby blue and the brightness of yellow. In essence, those things are all a part of me! The traditional sense of plaid and the intricacies of lace. These are all just outward representations of who Crystal really is.

I do not purpose to look like a zombie but as the flower I am that God is cultivating and growing. And you’d be surprised how it changes your whole presence.

So my lovely sisters!! If there are any of you who are like me… Dare to be free! Dare to be seen. Dare yourself to live! Start with a lipstick, shirt, it just polishing your nails. And remember, there is no wrong answer- only a very real you waiting to be discovered, loved, and freed.

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