Sunday Motivation

Many times we are resistant to change. We get comfortable and go through our daily responsibilities on auto pilot. We have moments when we pray to God for something “better” and forget what we asked for. Joyce Meyer in Battlefield of the Mind states “Asking for something is easy… being responsible for it is the part that develops character.” We have all asked for the opportunity to serve, for the jobs, the relationships, and the kids…. We have the blessing but sometimes we don’t want to be responsible for it. We don’t want to answer the mandate set before us after the newness of the situation wears away…. But that’s a part of the stewardship God has given us!

This upcoming week I charge you to be intentional about your stewardship! In each of our journeys in purpose there will be many points where God has to cultivate us, prune, and mold us. Often, it’s not fun! But we must be faithful and obedient!

Someone right now is attached to your obedience…. And someone is waiting where you are going! We must all choose daily to die to ourselves so that God may operate through us. It’s not always fun but it will always be worth it!

No matter what obstacles or curve balls may come tomorrow, let your light sine!

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