Better But Not Perfect

2018…You never cease to amaze me.

This year has been all about growth and doing things differently. As many of you know I decided to commit to living my life for Christ more fully… And sometimes because of past failures and disappointments we give ourselves unrealistic goals and add unnecessary pressure to an already challenging journey.

Growth: a stage or condition in increasing, developing, or maturing.

img_9255No where in the definition does it say aiming for perfection or perfecting anything. But that’s how we define it when it comes to our personal growth.

Recently, I began the process of courting and I realize that there is no perfect path! There are great principles, boundaries, and tips to use but there will always be risk, surprises, and things we can not control. We often know what we do not want experience from previous relationships but how to forge ahead differently is often a bit of a mystery. I am learning, as you learn to make new habits and create a new lifestyle, you will make mistakes.

In moments of feeling inadequate, I think about Moses. God called him to a life leading a people he had no understanding of. To leave his home and lead them to a place unknown. Moses was in no way perfect: he stuttered; he picked the wrong person to manage the people while he communed with God; he allowed his anger to get the best of him many times and yet…. God still called him. God still communed with him in person!.. He allowed him to see His glory!  This is comforting because it is a reminder that God isn’t looking for perfect, He’s just looking for the willing.

 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 NIV

Part of the journey isn’t just getting to your destination, but the evolution of you. And that takes discovery.

As we evolve, grow, mature, give yourself grace! Pray and ask for wisdom and love yourself through the journey.  Know that god knows right where you are and is guiding you. Get Godly counsel and be open to correction and advise. Most importantly, enjoy the journey! You will never be where you are in each season again! Enjoy the process and the discovery of you as you continue to journey forward.

Remember, you’re graced for this!

One thought on “Better But Not Perfect

  1. Amen! New Journey New Growth New Lessons Awesome adventures Awesom Learning Behaviors. You can bind but don’t break sis! Stay the course, journeywoman set sail and explore what we call life with Jesus on your side every step of the way! Be blessed you are a blessing…..aim for truth and peace and love and joy and honor. Faith Focused to God be the glory

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