Far More Doesn’t Mean Far Off!

Sometimes the biggest life change only takes one decision. 

It’s been officially a year of Single-hood for me!

And I did not think I could make it! LOL

Over the past week I have been reflecting on what has transpired in this year… Life has radically changed for me. Who I have become and what life looks like for me so different. So much better! I remember being in that mental place, where I felt stuck, super unsure of what to do. Afraid to move forward but convicted by God not to stay.  I found myself relating more and more to Moses and Joshua when it came to my transition. I knew God was calling me out of Egypt, yet Egypt is what was comfortable… it was all I knew.

In life, we ask God for blessings or change and in return He asks for our obedience and our sacrifice. Many times it requires you to give up the things or people who you are holding on to the most…. That you rely on more than Him. That you choose to love Him more. And there comes a critical point where you must make a decision. Will you follow God to your Promise Land or will you choose to stay in Egypt?

It’s in this moment, the enemy works the hardest to keep you in bondage. Your heart longs to go to the place that God has for you but your flesh can’t visualize it. It’s uncharted territory. It requires more faith, more sacrifice, and more willpower. But often, because we can not fathom what the future holds, many of us choose to stay in our current situations. We choose to listen to the enemy’s lies of how life can’t/ won’t change, so we choose to stay at toxic jobs, relationships, and even continue bad habits because it became a bearable pain.

I stand at a peculiar place, where I’m on the cusp of something new and great. I can see with excitement what lives ahead… But more importantly, I understand the importance of obedience to my Heavenly Father. In this year, my faith has grown and I have become a better person. My relationship with God is more solid and I love Him more! I am whole and there is a new level of boldness and confidence because I know who’s I am and who I am: I am a Queen in the lineage of the Highest King.


What have you been asking God for?

What changes have you prayed for with words and tears?

Remember: God’s blessings aren’t reserved for certain people, He wants to bless us all!

As 2019 is right around the corner, ask yourself: what could life look like for me in a year?

Now is the time to journey forth to what God has for you!

One thought on “Far More Doesn’t Mean Far Off!

  1. Praise God in all things and in everything give thanks! God knows the desires of our hearts he says trust him in your lowest point and high level! Praise him when life is chaotic and praise him when he pours out a fresh anointing! Yesszzzz God delivers far more than we could ever ask for, exceeding and abundantly in the way he shows his love. Live you sis and Jesus loves us all

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