Give love

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!

I love CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wrapping paper, the ornaments, candy canes (that I eat off the tree), and surprises…. How can you not feel joyful and merry?!?!?!

Although I get excited about the holidays, this is often when people become temperamental and just bah-humbug. During this time, we often ignore or shy away from these “negative-nellies” not realizing we have been sent to other’s lives to bring Christmas cheer. There are many people who have recently lost loved ones, many who are still grieving from the years before. And many still who are lost, hurting, and feel alone. And the majority of these people can’t or don’t know how to articulate what they really need: a friend, love, or simply the gift of laughter. Though these things have no monetary value, they make a greater impact than anything you could ever buy. It soothes the soul and lightens the heart.

Your time or giving may not give you a pay check… You may not get kudos or praise but know that it will all come back to you! As we do our part, God will take care of our needs. And as we bless others, we will be blessed.

Smile! Give a warm hug, say a kind word…. Speak life into someone else as you prepare and enjoy the holidays!  End your 2018 with seeds sown of kindness and cheerful sacrifice. 


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