Valentine’s Daydream

(Thoughts from a lady in waiting)

One day I’ll be embraced by you.

2 souls will meet and I’ll know that I found you.

Currently preparing, anticipating the nearness of you.

My tears, fears, and weakness on the table,

Covered in love by you.

Learning how to stand in faith, I pray for you.

Preparing for the titles: friend, wife, and warrior too.

You’ll never be alone, I’ll stand beside you.

A 3 strand cord with God to guide us through.

With God, I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Building a legacy of Kingdom at I do.

Common is easy but Kingdom’s my view.

I’m pressing everyday while I wait for you.

Though apart, hearts joined.

No tree but the seeds are planted.

As a virgin at the gate, I wait with my lantern.

This is my Esther season until I am presented.

Like Ruth, I’ll keep working in the fields.

Knowing that we’ll collide when the harvest yields.

Until that time, I’ll keep my daydreams.

Waiting until the day I can show you how much you mean to me.

And just in case, no one tells you today. I love you.

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