Work While You Wait


As a single woman ready to mingle, I get it sisters! lol. We just can not wait until these Kings come, OK?!?!?! It’s fun to dream and can also be down right frustrating but how we wait is so important. Sometimes the potential of a budding relationship or the maintenance of a relationship can cause you to lose sight of everything else. No, I don’t mean the day-to-day tasks. I mean your dreams, ambitions, and the pursuit of you. Although relationships aren’t bad, often times we haven’t learned how to properly manage them while still pursuing purpose. Maintaining our individuality while journeying into unity. We love Love so much that it becomes our entire focus. And when it’s the wrong love or relationship, it becomes a siphon for all you have to give.

It’s so important ladies while we are waiting to be found or are even in the process of courting to be busy working!!!!! Maybe it’s getting your finances in order, pursuing your dream, losing weight, or exploring the world. Whatever it is, DO IT!!!!! You owe it to yourself to make the most of your time.

I decided in January that I would never again spend so much time on a relationship that if it failed,  I would have nothing to show for the time I spent.  My time and energy are investments I can never get back. So while I wait for the next phase, as I wait for marriage, I am choosing to be busy doing my Father’s work!

What dream or purpose are you working on while you wait?

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