You vs You

There always seems to be a disconnect between the child we once were and the adult we’ve become.

I think the great thing about being a child is our ability to dream boundless dreams. There is nothing we can’t do! Be Superman, grow up to be a doctor, create the grandest LEGO building in the world lol. A downside to that is the dream is always anchored in perfection. And life, it just isn’t perfect! As we grow and mature, the reality of life becomes known and as a casualty, our dreams fade and die.

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. 
-Chrystal Evans Hurst, She’s Still There

We must lovingly embrace the child, wide eyed filled with wonder while acknowledging the adult we have all become. Truthfully, it was all in His plan! God knew that things would not turn out the way we would perfectly dream, but He still had/ has a plan in place for our victory!

I never dreamed of being 33 and a single mom. I wanted the great marriage, 4 children, big house, etc. But here I am! Being in this single space in this season doesn’t mean my dream of marriage and family is dead, it just means God’s not done writing that part of my story yet!

Take time to love the child you were and the person you have become; recognizing God’s amazing love and grace in your life! Dust off your memory bank of dreams! Dare to breathe life into them again! And remember, perfection is not the goal. Consistent progress is.

I pray that God reawaken all the dreams and visions He gave you. That you would have faith beyond your present circumstance and charge forward into the unlimited possibilities. Be open, be expectant, and get excited. Our God is not through wowing you yet!

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