Inspiration for Your Season

As spring begins to push through, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of “next”. We begin making plans, dressing differently, and changing our habits. We fantasize about what is coming because the cold or doom and gloom of winter is down right exhausting.  But there is something (spiritually) in this transition that God is trying to do in us. Marcus Rogers reminds us: God is the God of seasons. And in each season, there is something that He is trying to cultivate, remove, and teach us. But it requires intentional time with Him. It requires intentional self care. And many times, the next season “looks” so appealing that we are no longer actively and intentionally present but robotic-ally move forward to what could be.

Whatever God has for you we must be intentional participants in the process. We must learn to appreciate each season for it’s unique purpose. We must wait with patience and a grateful heart. We must take time to be aware of our emotional and spiritual status so that we stay aligned with God. That our “flowers” don’t look lovely while our “roots” are dead.

No matter the season, God wants to show you He alone is your all in One. He is challenging your faith to arise. He is requesting that you praise in spite of your tears. He wants you to allow Him to be your Superman for every situation you are facing. To be intimate and vulnerable enough allow Him to cover your faults with His Love.

Choose today to be intentional. Set aside time to be in His Presence. All we have need of is in His hands. 

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