Wisdom in the Closet

Yesterday morning, I cried.

“Lord, why does it seem like I’m failing at everything?”

It may seem small but I was coming to my breaking point of frustration. This season of growth was presenting all of my flaws and I was at a loss. Every week, a mistake. 2 good days, followed by one bad. I felt all I could do is cry out to God.

I’m trying to live for You, I need help. What am I doing wrong?

I didn’t get my answer until about 8pm that evening. My lovely sister in Christ and I had a talk. You know, some of the most important conversations happen in the oddest places, like a closest. LMAO. As I vented to her about my failings and frustration, she changed my perspective on what was really happening.

“You are growing. Yes, you may make mistakes, but the next time it comes up, you are improving. God is using this time to instill in you all the things that you have been learning recently. Just the acknowledgement of your mistakes is something. You are better now than you were before. All that you are going through now is preparing you for your future.

I must say although that was NOT what I wanted to hear, it was what I needed to hear. We often miss the purpose behind a challenging season because we are focused on the pain or difficulty. That kind of perspective will not lead to anything fruitful. Many of us focus on the mistakes, shortcomings, and flaws instead of the improvement. That moment when we had more patience. The time we didn’t flip out and held our tongue. That’s the growth! That’s where hope and joy arise!

How you progress through these seasons depends on your perspective. To change my perspective here are some things I have been talking over/praying to God:

As I climb the mountain, my endurance grows.

As I scale it’s side and journey into a new area,

It causes me to keep my eyes on You.

As I walk through each challenge,

My feet become strong and my steps more sure,

Knowing You are with me.

As I journey through narrow paths and unappealing seasons,

You are showing me that You are always by my side.

And when I get to the top,

I will be better than I was before.

I am purposed, faith filled, and loved to my core.

It will get better!

Stay in the process. ❤️

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