A 360 God

God not only delays or redirects, He also brings things full circle.

Sometimes it’s not about your motives- your heart is in the right place,

Sometimes it’s not about your habits- you are consistent and disciplined.

But being right in those 2 areas doesn’t mean there isn’t a flaw in the system. A tiny imperfection that causes the whole operation to fail.

I’m finding in this season that God cares about that too. And as you let Him in, He will begin to correct those things too.

Many don’t know, I’m an artist. I got to the point years ago where I just got tired of it. Tired of the demand but no appreciation when it came to the cost. Tired of elaborate request but no appreciation for time and labor. And I, knowing this was a gift from God; I let it go. Unless it was for my son, family, or very close friend, the doors were closed. Something that had once been my passion, my stress reliever, my place of freedom became a burden and source of disdain.

The very thought of creating would cause me stress. It would give me anxiety thinking about the orders, the comments, or complaints. And anything I started would never get finished. I just didn’t have to inspiration or motivation.

To be honest, there were things that I lacked that I never really thought about. I never thought about the business aspect of being an artist. That I should take deposits before starting. To charge my worth and not bend to the demand for cheap prices. Or even getting advice from professional artist about mass production and things of that nature. All these things I didn’t know despite my drive, passion, and discipline were ingredients I needed to be successful. To safeguard myself and my work. And because of it, I suffered. It was only recently, I have asked God to restore my passion for the arts and reignite my creative side.

It is only now, 10+ years later that I am taking the journey of finding my inner creative girl again. Wiser, more teachable, and patient with myself and the process. Though I could have cared less if He took the talent away from me, God saw fit to bring it all full circle. He used children to reignite the spark.

Something so simple, painting a face and watching their world light up as they saw the results. Their happiness caused my heart to fill with joy. Their smiles shook the dust off my mind as I pondered each design I made. My hands remembered the motions of swirls and curls, the weight of making gradients.

Now I prepare to reopen those doors but now better equipped.

And you can do the same.

In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. – Romans 12:6

You have something very special to share with the world.

Despite your past experiences, try again!

Ask God to give you wisdom and show you the missing pieces.

Ask Him to reignite the spark and help you to find the passion again.

Be teachable so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

And since we are human, if you must fail, fail forward.

You have greatness inside of you.

Don’t forget to use it. ❤️

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