If I Could Tell Her

If I could go back in time…


Sit down with the bright eyed girl.

The girl with big dreams and bigger heart.

I’d tell her:

Focus! Achieve your goals, explore the world while it’s just you.

Do not awaken love before it’s time! You will suffer many unnecessary heartbreaks if you do.

Guard your light, many will be drawn to you. You have to figure out who is there for selfish gain and who is really meant to be in your life.

Pay it forward. Every seed of kindness and giving will produce a harvest.

Cut the credit cards and save! If you don’t learn good habits now, you will have to fix it later.

Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is costly.

Learn patience, waiting isn’t as long as it seems in the moment.

Develop your relationship with God! There is so much that you can’t see, but you will need Him more than you realize. He is the one who will love you the most and carry you through every situation.

Perfection is not the goal. It’s an unrealistic idea that will cause you to stress out more than you need. Focus on making progress. Focus on becoming a better you.

Faith over fear! You have been chosen for a great purpose! Don’t allow the magnitude of your dreams and visions to cause you to shrink away or give up. Go hard at it knowing that the King is there to empower, strengthen, and provide what you need. Your job is just to use what’s in your hand.

Everything has a price. You either pay now, or you pay later.

Give yourself grace as you grow.

Love covers all.

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