His Bride First!

It is hard as a single woman to balance the pursuit of God and dealing with the desire for marriage. Often we lean more to one side than the other. I know I am guilty of it. This past weekend, I went through a program called Freedom and God have me the sweetest revelation.

God desires to be our husband first! Not metaphorically but literally. He wants to wake us up with songs of love each morning. He wants us to be excited about spending time with Him, just as we would if we were waiting for a date. He wants us to have an air of anticipation of what will happen next. Not what He will give us, but what He will reveal to us.. To anticipate what new and beautiful things He has to say about us.

God is so jealous! How dare we want a human romance more than His matchless Love! We pine in the wrong direction, to people who can not give us what we need and He stands there saying “Daughter, just come to me. Let me show you, You. Let me give you, Me”.

Our hearts are safest in His hands. Have you searched Him long enough to feel the calming peace of His pastures? Have you adorned Him long enough with words of love as He dresses you in your gown? Have we stood still long enough in His presence for the coronation to be complete? That He has downloaded your assignment and fully armored you so that you may go?

Take time to love and receive His love first. Do not thirst so much for the natural husband that you forsake your spiritual one. It is He that deems us brides and calls us forth by name. Search your heart and search for Him today. ❤️

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