Sitting in traffic

Friday, I was driving home from track and I decided to turn on Waze. I knew there would be some traffic and I wanted an estimate on how long it would take to get home. Waze said 1 hour, I would get home by 6:26pm. I was excited as we had been at the Sports Complex all day and I had a headache. I just wanted to get home. I drove my normal route and when I came to the place where I would have to decide which way to get back into Baltimore, I looked at Waze. The preferred route took me to 695 East. Well, that’s not the way I wanted to go! That is the longer way around. Unwilling to go out of my way and waste more gas, I decided to take 895 North. It had been clear that more and both lanes were open. Shouldn’t be bad….. Until I reached the toll gate.

Only one lane was open going north… in rush hour traffic. Irritable and impatient, I was not a happy camper. There was no way to turn around, I was going to have to wait this one out. Eventually I got home at 7:16pm- almost an additional hour later.

As I reflected on what happened later that night, God revealed some things to me. God has a preferred route for us to take in life. Whether it’s your career, purpose, relationships, or finances; He has the perfect plan on how to get there. What we tend to do is try to comprehend His directions and decide we know what’s better. We think “oh, I’ve experienced this before, I know what to do.” And we choose more often than not, to make our own way.

We choose a direct route because we don’t want the delay of a detour. We don’t want to be inconvenienced and uncomfortable. So we do what we feel would be best based on those desires. And in the end, we end up further behind schedule because there was “traffic” or an “accident” we didn’t know about. There was a hinderance we couldn’t see or predict. But God could.

Luckily, graciously, our loving Father waits patiently and when we are ready to listen, He gives us a new route. He redirects us from our mistakes and begins to give us new directions… One at a time.

Even now, no matter what season or state your life is in, God has a perfect route for you. The question is, this time will you listen? Will you choose to act in obedience or suffer through a delay due to pride and self sufficiency?

Remember, God is not a dictator. He guides but ultimately we drive.

Commit today to turning on your spiritual Bluetooth and await His direction. He’ll never guide you wrong.

2 thoughts on “Sitting in traffic

  1. Amen! Landed hard , his direction for us. Often Time we get in the way and cause the delay!

    • Yes! Once we recognize it, all we can do is be more sensitive to His nudging and His Voice. No more delays!

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