Life is not a Crystal stair…

It’s a ladder with broken rungs here and there.

It’s a mountain with peaks and valleys,

Paths the width of a hair and yet it’s our mission to keep on climbing.

Life is not a theater play.

But it’s full of drama, satire, and whimsical space.

A main character who will take your breath away….

Though her true beauty is behind the made up mask on her face.

More valuable than a gem and stronger than a hurricane.

Who we are is tested by seasons,

Not controlled by fate.

Though there is a Captain upon our ships to make sure we are going the right way….

Sometimes we choose a detour or a misstep causes a delay.

No matter the current seasons or the obstacle you face,

Jesus is on board,

He’s anchoring you in place.

With prayer and faith He’ll guide you the right way…

And cultivate you into the person you are meant to be some day.

Take a deep breath,

Square your shoulders,

Start the race.

Knowing that the victory is won-

You get first place!

As long as you keep pressing and don’t give up your faith.

God is faithful to complete the work He started years ago… His way.

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