A Queen’s Declaration

The enemy uses heartbreak to take us back to who we used to be.

He uses pain to build cycles to spread infectiously.

I must admit this week he almost had me.

I was ready to wreak havoc on the world,

A rage of fire consuming everything.

But God with His infinite love, He met me.

He confronted my fears and pain and subdued me peacefully.

Never again will I allow the enemy to get that kind of hold on me.

Not when I have a majestic power backing me, The King of Glory.

For every sword I picked up to hurt others,

I pick them up to wage war on the enemy.

Every tear I cried gives way to praise.

Every knee I took drove me down to pray.

Every heartache I experience sends me back to my Father.

From the ashes of pain I will fly with beauty.

I denounce every title given me, I’m a Queen in the making.

Never again will chains hold me, I have a Chain Breaker.

Never again will heartbreak cripple me, I have a Heart Healer.

And my past will never destroy me, I have a Redeemer.

There is purpose to my pain and I’m going to shake the world for His glory.

Lioness awaken, roar victoriously.

3 thoughts on “A Queen’s Declaration

  1. Glory!!!! I read your worship! See spiritually that’s god speak through you and use your with the words you right and your hands!

    You are royalty.. the inheritance is yours. Create an atmosphere of Heaven Amen

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