Protect The King

As I watch the rise of Kingdom men, I recognize the significance of the helpmeet. As they begin to shine, I feel a fierce urge to fortify them in prayer. Godliness is attractive and that means more attacks, more traps, and distractions will come their way. I am starting to understand that my job is not just to help my future husband but also to protect him!

In chess, the Queen has no restrictions! There is nothing she can’t do to protect the King. To protect the call upon his life, to pray against attacks from the enemy… To speak life in the midst of storms…. To petition heaven when he feels he cannot.

Ladies, it is our duty to be girded up! To learn now how to praise and worship on a deeper level. To learn now how to fall upon our face before the King of Kings. To learn now how to battle and wage war.

Don’t get passive and comfortable in this season for it will surely end! For indeed it is just a season. As God calls our brothers in Christ forth, let’s make sure we are ready to walk boldly and purposefully by their side.

2 thoughts on “Protect The King

    • We are designed to be helpmeets who birth things out. A part of that process is protection. It may not manifest the same way as a man protects but it’s still a part of us. As we go to war and worship, we are birthing things in the spirit. And our Father hears the prayers of His daughters. We are meant to stand in the gap for one another not just as husband and wife but also are brothers and sisters in Christ.

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