All Hail!

A Queen is required to stand her ground,

With grace and poise as they try to tear her down.

Rises above when they try to compete.

She is worth more than cheap thrills and dirty sheets.

A Queen must handle business in spite of the pain.

As a kingdom regent, she must uphold the name.

Of the One who made her and gave her- the name:

Crystal that shines and testifies His claim.

A Queen is a warrior, a mother, a friend.

Despite the challenges, God is setting her up to win.

You’ll either ride with her or watch from afar.

Destined to blaze like a shooting star.

Heavy is the crown, but I’m being built for this.

Every tear and every pain, a down payment for bliss.

For God does not forsake His own, His daughters does He love.

As I follow Him more, the blessings will rain from up above.

So today isn’t great but there is always tomorrow.

And I stand on His Word, a double portion for my sorrow.

I claim my territory and I stand as an example.

Of a Kingdom woman chasing hard after,

My Father and to handle the business He chose for me.

And remind myself everyday, this is all for His glory.

Crown on my head, chin up, faithfully:

I choose to abide in the fruits of the spirit and await the victory.

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