Look Up

When in doubt,

Look up, look forward

But never down.

Don’t look back, leave the past behind.

Somewhere out front is a gold mine.

Reserved only for the ones will to make the climb.

Look in, re-evaluate what you see

Check your heart, repair, and be free.

Check your mind because from it flows….

Words of promises: life or death- it will grow.

Check your hands, for what you carry.

Your face, for those tears will give way to His glory.

Check your feet for the direction you are going.

Don’t run from His call, there is a story He’s unfolding.

Check your ears, for whispers of deceit

Check your spirit, who’s feeding you?

God or the enemy?

Submitting to the right Master brings joy in your tomorrow.

Even in the test,

The formula is there for you to follow.

The examples of faith, answered prayers, joy for sorrows.

So stay the course,

Take it one day at a time.

One day, your story,

Like many others, will shine.

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