Dream, Hope, Move

Go after the dream!

Hidden but God created you to be seen!

A city on a hill,

Kings and Queens amongst men.

It’s His Spirit and Word that illuminate from within.

The passion He gave is a gift for the world.

The provision and wisdom He’ll send from up above.

So be bold and courageous.

Take the step and go see.

All that God has for you,

If you would just believe.

He’s waiting to wow you and woe you with love.

To cause miracles and blessings to rain from up above.

But you must do your part and push all the chips in.

Prepare for your destiny,

As His child, you will win.

And with each step you take, you’ll discover a little more

Of the life and the calling:

More than you hoped for.

All of that could be yours…

But it starts with a pen….

Choose today to sit down,

Write the vision.

And begin.

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