Pioneer Girl

Dear Pioneer Girl,

Don’t let go of the vision God set before you. He placed it in your heart because He knew you were up for the challenge. He made you. And everything about you from your quirks to your strengths to the many tears- He’s using you.

Pioneer girl, sometimes it will seem like no one understands. But like Moses, you’re in good company. Like David there is a kingdom call that only you can fulfill…. And a people waiting on you to answer.

Pioneer girl, while God processes you, it may become harder to see the harvest… It’s in the wilderness that your resolve to reach the Promise Land is tested but remember you reaching the Promise Land is not just for you… There are many behind you waiting to follow in your footsteps… Many waiting to walk on water… Many waiting to see His faithfulness in their lives.

Without a lighthouse, many are lost at sea… That’s why God needs you and me. The process is to remove the grime so His light can shine more brightly and give the lost the glimmer of hope that they long for.

So pioneer girl, keep moving forward. Knowing that each step is a seed and the harvest is important. Take another step knowing He is for you, take another step towards His glory.

Pioneer girl, we pioneer with you… Not in the same territory, but with the same Kingdom banner, we are in similar pursuit. And when you get tired, lean on me and I’ll pray for you. You’re my Sister Queen..

And hey! Pioneer girl…

I’m rooting for you. ❤️

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