The Wilderness

I thought I was buried deep, but I’m planted.

A million stars in the sky and you decide to rescue me.

Save me from obscurity,

Cleanse me from iniquity.

Chains broken- I’m free.

But the trauma from past gives me phantom spasms…

The prison doors are open…

Is it really for me?

Layers of pain and sheets of tears make it difficult to keep my eyes on the vision…

Fear tried to make me abort the mission and stay on my mat.

But sometimes within me starts to react.

Like a car warming up, I burn with passion.

I can’t seem to control this notion within me that something more is coming…

Something is on the horizon,

Excitement in my belly turns to tears of hope as I press towards the mark and force my faith to float…

He won’t fail me….

He never has…

The sliver becomes a thread to a cord in my hands,

I hold on tight.

He admits surgery and I hold on tight.

He humbles me and I hold on tight.

He crushes me with His light…

Busting open every door and hidden room within my heart…

He wants me pure-

Clear so His light shines brightly as the lighthouse He’s called me to be…

Each obstacle helping me to realize my strength is on bended knee.

This isn’t haphazard but apart of my destiny.

Covered with dirt but no eulogy.

I’m being watered.

Heaven is calling me forth and training me as a daughter…

I’m being built..

To reign and take territory.

The end result- His glory.

And I, His child have the privilege of Him using my story…

And give hope to those who have lost their way home.

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