Here’s to Year 2!!!

Two years ago, I embarked on a journey that changed everything. God was calling me into the deep and I mustered you some courage to answer. I had absolutely no clue what life was going to look like…. I became what I feared the most: a single mom. Like Moses, I was in uncharted territories and all I could do is hold on with faith that God must have something better for me… In the midst of all that change I started this blog. I had no clue of what I would say or where it all would lead me.

As I look forward with both anticipation and nervousness, I realize I am no longer who I once was. In searching for God I found myself. In letting go of “man”, this caged bird was able to spread her wings and learn how to fly.

This year especially was filled with many twists and turns. I experienced heartbreak, disappointment, failure, and had to wrestle with myself.

But I came out stronger.

Two years ago, I was afraid that no one would want me… That as a single mom, I was at a disadvantage. An encounter this year gave me hope. Although it didn’t work out and it hurt a lot, it was necessary. Now I am content in my singleness. Now that I have evaluated my mistakes, my standard is higher and I recognize why boundaries are important. And I have found the courage to say goodbye to compromising situations and wait for God’s best.

Due to my past, I thought I was timid. But I’m not! I’m learning to be unapologetically me. To embrace the sound of my voice and the story my heart has to tell. I am learning to take off the mask and allow people to really see me… And in those precious moments, I’ve found my tribe. And I found the lioness within me.

I have forged a relationship with God I’ve never known… His love astounds me on a constant basis. By giving Him a chance and daring to do something new, I’ve gained the greatest love I’ll ever know. I no longer feel like a victim in my story… Those moments are all building blocks for the total story…. And now I finally am looking forward to the next chapter with excitement. And confidence, because my ABBA Father is with me.

Wherever you are in life, it starts with one decision. Only you know what God’s calling you to do. Choose in 2020 to be bold in your pursuit of Him. He is faithful and what He desires for your life is beyond anything you can dream.

I am at peace with 2019…. I promised I hated it for the most part! But I realize some things needs to be destroyed, fortified, added, or changed for what is to come. All is forgiven- every debt (owed to me) paid. And if I’ve come so far in 2 years, then I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 5!

Besos 2019! Here’s to a new decade❤️

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