The Beauty in New Beginnings

Sometimes you have to lose what you think you need to get what you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

There is a you you haven’t discovered yet…. Places waiting for you to explore.. bonds waiting to be built.

And you’ll never get to them if you continue to hold on to what was. Many times in life we stay in habits, situations, job, and even thought processes because it’s comfortable. It’s all we’ve known for a long time and we know what comes with it.

Familiar territory. We strive as adults to be comfortable versus striving for evolution. We are taught at a young age to get a “good” job and stay there. There is more focus on achieving a level of comfortability rather than purpose and your best self. And because of this, many of us spend years stuck and unhappy because we have committed to a way of life that doesn’t fit what God intended for us.

When you take a look at nature, everything constantly changes… Rivers, trees, and animals; they all have life cycles that require change. Even now, the cold winter will give way to the spring… A season of barrenness gives way to a season of life.

As we journey into this new decade, have the courage to pursue the life God has for you.

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