Real Love

In Your infinite power, You made me…

With earth and pieces of Your personality You determined who I’d be…

A messy project turned to a masterpiece.

A creative installation for Your glory, for all the world to see.

A lighthouse built brick by brick from the traumas that tried to break me.

You’re raising me.

Showing me the very essence of love:

A firm hand, distinct voice, and arms in which I can always run to.

For Your son, who died and made this all possible was the first to show us how real Your love is.

Chasing away the shadows and breathing us back to life…

Back to light- for we are made in Your image…

Your whispers are sweet kisses that I am drawn to.

Every sign or word from Heaven leaves me in awe that You see me…

Not the mask, You see me nakedly:

The insecurities, the impatience, the distrust, and the fear of hope being broken..

The daughter overworked, overlooked, and virtue stolen…

You saw me… And called me beautiful.

You saw me, as a masterpiece; the Holy Spirit Your utensil.

And loved me until I began to shine with the light of Your love.

You took an ordinary girl and proclaimed her Queen.

Adopted forever into Your lineage,

You, the King of Kings.

My heart sings in response to the nearness of You.

And I long to show others of what real love can do,

When real love meets the thirsty at the well of uncertainties and sin.

THAT is where real love begins.

And I for one am thankful You chose me to be both lover and friend,

Daughter and servant…

Forever grateful to experience a love that knows no end.

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