Purity’s Ring

For weeks I looked for the perfect one.

The one that signifies royalty and my relation to the Son.

It was my heart’s desire to make a covenant with You.

I put the ring on and said I do.

I choose to forsake the world, I choose You.

Stripping away the toxic attractions of this world and coming face to face with the King.

Bowing low to the One who sees everything, knows every thoughts… my insecurities and chooses to love me.

I dedicate myself to Him.

With the promise to live holy,

Daily I die within…

Fleeing from lust,

Immoral physical and mental sin.

Consecrate next.

I repent and beg thee: make me white as snow…

Unblemished like the wedding dress on that special day…

Not hiding behind lies- honesty and integrity leading the way.

Down Heaven’s aisle I go.

Nervously I stand before my King.

What can I give the One who owns everything?

I pledge my fidelity and strive daily to be true.

Everyday we grow closer.

You had been chasing me for years and finally I embrace the truth.

That I was made to love You.

And You live inside of me,

Let my temple always glorify You.

Like Mount Zion,

May my waiting be like sweet incense that waves before Your throne.

My testimony will be for your glory

And an example to the nations.

Of purity, obedience, and love yielding patience.

Of a steadfast heart and purified mind.

God makes all things beautiful in it’s time.

So as I wait before the King,

I know my kingdom partner is coming.

And since obedience brings the rewards,

We won’t be left found wanting.

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