Under Construction

Today I spent some time watching one of my favorite shows: Love It or List It. I love renovation and DIY! As I was watching a particular episode, the Lord began to speak to me. In this episode, although the married couple gave 150k towards the renovation, the condition of their foundation required an additional 85k for repair. At that point, the couple just wanted to sell the house and be done. However with sound advice from the realtor David, they put in the extra money which made their home a safer place and helped to increase its value.

God began to show me… We are those houses! Because we are used to the state of our hearts, mind, and bodies we often don’t stop to think what maintenance is and has been waiting to get done beneath the surface. Because we are still “functional”, it must not be that bad right? And we want others to “buy” into our homes (hearts) when our association could be a place of potential harm or added wear and tear.

This is a season when God is doing a massive overhaul in many of us. He is using the isolation, the uncomfortability, and reduced activities to appraise the damage and shore up our foundations. Many of us have cracks of bitterness and anger. We have mold damage of unforgiveness. We have uneven foundations due to a lack of authentic relationship with God. There is hidden termite damage of jealous, lust, and covetousness. There is so much God wants to do for us and through us but first He has to renovate our hearts.

When God is doing a work within us, the site must be closed to visitors. That may mean a season of being alone. It may mean a season of fewer phone calls or outings. If we were honest, this is the season we fight the most. It’s not what we want, it isn’t a part of our plans, it’s uncomfortable, and costly. But it is here where we get set up for our next level. God is gracious but He does not do shoddy work. As Christians, who we are will directly affect how others see Christ. And because of that, He patiently journeys with us through our process. No matter how fast or slow.

The encouraging part is that the finished product is a beautiful masterpiece! AND the process has caused the value to go up! You realize that although the renovation may have cost a lot, it was well worth it. You will find freedom, peace, joy, and even greater capacity on the other side of your wilderness season. And the person you become will even surprise you.

You are worth all God wants to do in your life! But it comes with a price. Maintenance of our mind, body, and soul is unavoidable! If this resonates with you, lean in and work with God vs against Him. There is a great reveal awaiting you.

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